Copper Nickel Alloys

What is 2.0855?

2.0855 is the Werkstoff number for a copper nickel alloy most commonly known as Hidurel 5.

What is 2.1504?

2.1504 is the Werkstoff number for a copper nickel alloy most commonly known as Hiduron 130.

Is copper magnetic?

Copper and alloys primarily based upon copper are considered non-magnetic.

How to clean copper

The unique patina of copper and its alloys will develop over time and protects the surface from further corrosion.

What is the thermal conductivity of copper?

Copper is an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity, only bettered by silver in both instances.

What is the corrosion resistance of Cupronickels?

Cupronickel alloys provide excellent corrosion resistance, particularly in seawater.

What is the composition of cupronickel?

In principle, a cupronickel can contain between 1% and 49% nickel, such that copper remains the main element.

Are cupronickels magnetic?

Cupronickels have a very low magnetic permeability <1.01.

What is the difference between Alloy 400 and Alloy 500?

There is negligible difference in the composition of Alloy K500 versus Alloy 400, but Alloy K500 is appreciably stronger.

What does Hiduron® mean?

Hiduron is a trademark belonging to Langley Alloys Ltd and applies to a family of high-strength copper – nickel alloys.

What is the thermal conductivity of copper alloys?

Copper has excellent thermal conductivity, explaining its widespread use in household implements such as pots and pans.

What are bronzes?

Bronzes are copper-based alloys typically with additions of tin, aluminium and silicon.

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